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Unlock the unparalleled potential of blockchain & AI to make your business future-ready.

We specialise in blockchain and Artifical Intelligence (AI). Using these world-changing technologies, we offer an array of solutions to optimise any part of your organisation. Our internal and external team of experts are focused on delivering results. We work closely with you to ensure the right requirements are identified and future-oriented technology is deployed.



Blockchain Feasibility

We help you determine the ideal type of blockchain solution and how it benefits your business or industry. We employ internal and external subject matter experts (SMEs) whom can work with your team to develop comprehensive use cases and validate their feasibility.

Tailored Blockchain Solutions

Implementation and deployment of latest developments in blockchain technology to diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics, media, legal, education, and many more.

Third party Blockchain & AI Implementation

Filtering through the long list of existing applications to integrate into your current system can be a daunting task. We only work with proven technology providers to ensure backward compatibility and seamless integration with legacy and modern systems.


Cleaning & Monetising Data

Smart AI is heavily reliant on good datasets to train and learn. We help you identify new datasets you could be tracking, as well as structure your current datasets to onsell to potential AI applications. New data is automatically shared with our list of trusted vendors.

AI Consulting & Services

There is a never-ending hype in AI. We unscramble the hype and help you with an end-to-end AI strategy and implementation that yields the best results for you. We are experts in AI and work with only the best tools available to ensure the optimal solutions are proposed. Our solutions are always platform agnostic and easy to maintain or support. This provides the right technical foundation for your growth.

Decentralised Computing Power

We also partner with industry leaders in computational services to provide you with the right computing power. We combine these services with independent under-utilised computing power to lower costs and ensure a stable network.



Keep your customers happy

By cutting workflow times and intermediaries, your customers can enjoy faster responses and real-time verifications. Automating customer feedback and customer reward programmes ensure a fair and accurate record.

Optimise your operations

By leveraging a decentralised ledger, you can reduce costs associated with third parties, auditors or documentation. Streamlining and automating these processes with AI and blockchain, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently.

Monetize your existing assets

By unlocking and tracking your various datasets and digital assets, you can onsell accessibility and automatically get rewarded track everytime they leverage your digital assets. AI models can be trained using your data and re-packaged for enterprise solutions.


Enrich your processes with AI

Each process is assessed by our team of AI experts for viability. Your applications are also evaluated for compatibility, and a seamless solution is deployed by leveraging our trusted AI vendors. Let us help you take advantage of AI.

Accelerate your computations

Utilize parallel computing to find efficient solutions in seconds not months. Affordable and reliable computing power can be hard to find. Access to the right kind of computational service provider could be crucial in allowing startups to compete with the large budgets.

Use cases


Financial Technology

Sending, receiving and verifying funds around the world is costly and time-consuming.

Decentralized blockchain-based transactions allow near-instant processing as they do not rely on third parties to verify and payment. Interactions are also safer due to a cryptographically secure end-to-end payment flow and a trustless (not reliant on intermediaries) verification network.

- Streamline payments processing with high efficiency, fast and secure transactions

- Automate KYC processing with intuitive smart contracts and immutable history

- Readily exchange global currencies with a highly liquid marketplace


Counterfeiting is a significant problem within the pharmaceutical industry.

Each transaction added on the blockchain will create a block, and it’s immutable and timestamped, making it easier to track a product and make sure the information is impossible to alter.

- Increase transparency and trust within all stakeholders

- Provide absolute verification of the ownership and supplier

- Eliminate intermediaries and counterfeiting with decentralisation


High costs for merchants and platforms such as pay-per-click advertising, platform operation costs, transaction commissions and website operation & management create a high barrier to entry.

Smart contracts simplify transaction processes without the need for third-party payment platforms to process orders. A decentralised trading platform will also provide direct trading between buyers and sellers.

- Reduce platform management costs and improving overall platform transaction security and transparency

- Shorten the trading time and improve transaction efficiency

- Create interoperable and mutually beneficial loyalty programs for customers


Limited access to information about the location and condition of products is still the most significant difficulty in manufacturing.

Blockchain offers a shared ledger that is updated and validated in real-time with each stakeholder.

- Provide equal visibility of activities of where an asset is at any point in time, who owns it and its condition

- Reduce or eliminate ledger fraud and errors

- Reduce delays from manual paperwork and logistical processes


Data, computing efficacy, and business processes are under-utilised in most organisations. There are still a lot of repetitive and mundane tasks that are performed manually.

Extensive demand for data-driven business is taking place across all industries. AI represents a significant opportunity to manage bottom lines in a new landscape while capitalising on new growth potentials.

- Alleviate menial and repetitive tasks improves productivity for functions such as email, proposals and many others.

- Data fuels AI. Understanding and monetising existing data provide an untapped revenue source for many industries.

- Sharing computations and results allow AI models to become smarter and faster for improved processes and outcomes.

Core team

Feller Gao

Years experiences of strategic planning in IT and CT industry. Was responsible for incubator center. Angel investor of several well known blockchain projects. Master degree of Computer Science from SJTU, major in Artificial Intelligence.

Steven Liu

Chief Architect in Big Data and Architect Intelligence business. As an old hand, he has completed several projects in fintech big data and AI industry. Formally worked in Tencent, specially in data mining and analysis. Master degree from SJTU, major in Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Fubiao, Xia

Dr. Xia started his academic career in software engineering at Fudan University, before pursuing a Master's in computer security followed by a PhD in computer science at the University of Birmingham, specializing in applied cryptography. He was previously responsible for various computer security and privacy-related development projects, including the security of healthcare and patient data at Philips Research China.

Dr. Jinda, Lin

Dr. Lin started his academic career at Nanjing University and got his PhD at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, followed by post doctoral studies in physics at the University of East Carolina. His research focused on A.I. models and the application of A.I. to system control, biological imaging, and data analysis.

Denny Wang

Blockchain technology export, one of the core developer of BitShares 1.0 software, EEA China representative, senior developer in Ethereum community. Had successful experience in migrating google V8 engine to Graphene based blockchain project. Has rich exprience in Virtual Machine development, expert in blockchain technology. Graduated from Nanjing University, major in Mathematics.

Alex Chien

Blockchain technology expert, full stack developer. Bitcoin enthusiast, involved in development work of various projects since 2011, specialized in graphene based blockchain technology and EVM based smart contract. Graduated from SJTU, major in Internatonal Trade.


NA. Hong, Mei

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences in the Developing Countries, IEEE Fellow of the International Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Professor, Famous software expert and scholar, Open Source Software Community advocate.

Pin Pin, Zhu

Ranking 8th in the Forbes Leading Technologists in China's AI Revolution, ZHU Pinpin owns many patents in the AI industry, including the "Chatting Robot System" and the "SMS Robot System", etc. In addition to running Xiaoi, Zhu has also been appointed to multiple human-machine interaction administration committees, and has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the field.

Prof. He Yan, Huang

Vice President of China Society of Artificial Intelligence, Vice Chairman of China Chinese Information Society, Vice President of China Software Industry Association; Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation experts and scholars, artificial intelligence community advocates.

Zhongxue Gan

Zhongxue Gan graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He was the director and chief scientist of ABB's Robot Research Center, a Fortune 500 company. He led the technical team to apply more than 200 technical patents.

Xianfeng Gu

Xianfeng Gu won NSF CAREER award, NSFC award for Overseas Outstanding Youth (worked with Professor Hu Shimin), and Fields medal: Morningside Golden Medal of Applied Mathematics. Now he has published over 200 international papers and academic monograph, such as “Computational Conformal Geometry”.

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