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Connect the Blockchain World and the AI World

The first step in sharing AI is how we build a service that connects different AI services through Blockchain and how to build a bridge between the Blockchain smart contract world and the AI world for user benefit.

Atmatrix's second step is to get more AI and smart contract linked to the service, rather than part of the participants or platform in the center, including more open and unlimited access to AI, and more blockchain network so the off-chain platform in the first phase will evolve into a stand-alone blockchain platform, token contract in the first phase will transfer to the independent main blockchain and become to change as the main ATT token. This independent main blockchain network, will include all the different DBot nodes.

Trustless AI Interoperability

Compared with the traditional AI Service, the AI system in Atmatrix is more easy to deploy. Join AtmatrixNetwork is very simple:

  • Packaging the existing AI Service as API and Schema provided by Atmatrix
  • Develop DBot Oracle program, access AI Service, and deployed to Atmatrix multiple Oracle Relay Server.
  • Develop agents that call AI service smart contract, define prices and other parameters, and deploy and register to Atmatrix's AI Service management smart contract.

Open Platform

ATMaxtrix is an Open Platform that can be extended with Smart Contract to implement interaction and collaboration with other Ethereum-based DApps.

ATMaxtrix's open source features enable third-party developers to build transactionable applications better on Platform. The Platform can support multiple applications.


Kick Start

Atmatrix Project Starts



Whitepaper Draft & Review

Read 2017.06


Atmatrix Prototyping



Completed pre-ICO among angel investors, community KOLs


ICO Plan Announcement

Announce detailed ICO schedule


Atmatrix Foundation

Atmatrix Foundation was established in Singapore


Rules of Governance

Elect board directors, draft and review governance articles of foundation.



4 week ICO of ATT (Atmatrix Token) coin

DETAIL 2017.08-2017.09

Open Demo

Phase one development will be on Ethereum, demonstrating EVM based smart contract demo program.


First Round Open Test

First round open testing


Phase One Launch

Launch Phase One Software


Second Round Open Test

Second round open testing


Phase Two Launch

Launch Phase Two Software


Phase 1: Ethereum-Based Atmatrix DApp and DBot Platform

  • Service Management contract
  • Account Management contract
  • Token contract
  • Governance Contracts
  • Payment of contracts
  • Split contract

Phase 2: DBot Blockchain Platform

  • DBot Blockchain supports EVM-compliant Smart Contract
  • Improved DPOS Consensus Algorithms
  • Improved EOS fee broadband traffic control
  • Implementation: Graphene (or EOS) + EVM
  • Smart contracts and messaging functionality (based on Ethereum 2.0 and EOS) Group designation of AI Service (grouped by Provider), and each part of the DBotService group Off-chain Consensus is transferred to the chain.
  • The ATM Token migration to DBot Blockchain as the primary token
  • DBot Account migration to DBot Blockchain
  • DBotService managment Contract migration to DBot Blockchain Contract
  • Develop a corresponding Interoperability Smart Contract for different EVM-compliant Smart Contract Platforms to provide interoperability between different Blockchain Platform Smart Contracts (similar to Smart Contract and AI Service)
    • RSK Interoperability Contract
    • Qtum interoperability contract
    • EOS interoperability contract
  • Governance: System level embedded AI voting governance Contract


Gaoqingzhong a77dad2cf46353f19b42d8d2a4576bc4324e3cea058b29747a3c22f2a0880986

Qing Zhong, Gao

Years experiences of strategic planning in IT and CT industry. Was responsible for incubator center. Angel investor of several well known blockchain projects. Master degree of Computer Science from SJTU, major in Artificial Intelligence.

Alien 39e11b5e3586607c0a431911b2986b6bf7a97385196ae0855137d5306e73befe

Lin Lin, Li

AI expert, specialized in natural language processing, has completed a number of AI projects including the contract text semantic understanding and other projects. Formally worked in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Germany DFKI Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Baidu Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Obtained Doctor Degree from Saarland University, Germany, major in Artificial Intelligence.

Liujun ecd13169bbfdcc13237b6e2278912f9d2c942b9cb8e52f08c91fc04195533542

Jun, Liu

Chief Architect in Big Data and Architect Intelligence business. As an old hand, he has completed several projects in fintech big data and AI industry. Formally worked in Tencent, specially in data mining and analysis. Master degree from SJTU, major in Artificial Intelligence

Alien 39e11b5e3586607c0a431911b2986b6bf7a97385196ae0855137d5306e73befe

Xiao Yin, Wang

Blockchain technology export, one of the core developer of BitShares 1.0 software, EEA China representative, senior developer in Ethereum community. Had successful experience in migrating google V8 engine to Graphene based blockchain project. Has rich exprience in Virtual Machine development, expert in blockchain technology. Graduated from Nanjing University, major in Mathematics.

Qianxiaodong dcf2faf263827c8a77e54a613053c2682f8d2f487b5a2edb1933a005db32e4a4

Xiao Dong, Qian

Blockchain technology expert, full stack developer. Bitcoin enthusiast, involved in development work of various projects since 2011, specialized in graphene based blockchain technology and EVM based smart contract. Graduated from SJTU, major in Internatonal Trade.

Yangbo 8c752aeafd836a79e165b542e0f5b96b165d68b22d6989d9779d3d98d8f53dd1

Bo, Yang

8 years experiences of software development in finance & fin-tech industry. Formally worked in Citi Bank, Specialized in system analysis / architecture design. Master degree from SJUT, major in Computer Science.

Alien 39e11b5e3586607c0a431911b2986b6bf7a97385196ae0855137d5306e73befe


MBA from SFDU, 12 years experiences of strategic planning / investment / industry integration. Led and founded China IoT Industry Alliance and community. Has rich experiences of eco system building in IT and CT industry.

Julian 4eb6addd0d1e57a9cb77bdcdf21e3526281bb16e1c746bd013fb5e20ef46c322



Liubin b5e41c5e281e4034661f05618103ccb699a20ec60c4f6f4094cc161f8e6f713c

Bin, Liu

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Ph.D. in investment economics. Long term engagement in financial research for Shanghai Decision Making Advisory Board, focusing on financial technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence development

Caroline a82ee8234a022e43c2e11b14656b250c485eae616950956f27ee152da576c028


Has been responsible for a variety of event planning, organized diversified line of onsite events to help achieve marketing campaign goal. Specialized in promotion execution of internet KOL and e-sports events, has rich experiences in marketing management. Graduated from Shanghai Normal University, major in management.

Zhouqian c07e6eb5c140a1afd07a68c5ef5d31061009fbedc6fd34bde3f534f9d5d844ef

Jing, Zhou

Marketing manager for several internet projects. Has rich experiences in marketing, product management. Management bachelor degree from Nanjing University


Meihong c0e893e819008b8646ad68f4b46f658ab351f167e994f3dad1a68b20d7364c68

NA. Hong, Mei

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences in the Developing Countries, IEEE Fellow of the International Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Professor, Famous software expert and scholar, Open Source Software Community advocate

Huangheyan ab4e732909803ca9459eb13bb9fb50644871f33d64855d11668cb67ffa512ff3

Prof. He Yan, Huang

Vice President of China Society of Artificial Intelligence, Vice Chairman of China Chinese Information Society, Vice President of China Software Industry Association; Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation experts and scholars, artificial intelligence community advocates

Yaotianfang e5a978b85c50d6c0c509b0c0e5b2f8fbf8e009335c83bf048a039cff8c94b951

Prof. Tian Fang, Yao

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language experts and scholars, Deputy Director of Sino-German Joint Laboratory of Language and Technology. Main research areas include emotion mining, machine learning, natural language generation, machine translation, information indexing

Zhupinpin dcc187a72328b840b00f95ed2fa0808b132351847af5e21738291a7ac8e927ef

Pin Pin, Zhu

Founder of (Xiao i Robot)

Jizhoudong 7ca79f3fdac192d06a35a7cce2aaa6f30605a65678e1300bc519c4b796b60c94

Zhou Dong, Ji

Blockchain expert, Deputy Secretary of Blockchain Forum of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Chenshixin 716801a0de6bcf925b8e5ac231363795d262645ef43d52555fc67954dd57c087

Shi Xin, Chen

Co-founder and COO of Ahaschool, Master degree of Computer Sciences from SJTU. 18 years experiences in internet startup, strategic planning, operation, product management, technology areas.

Lisong d1d941a1310cc223db60afae58e0269bcd9f000250045798e00d00cb5eea082a

Song, Li

Co-founder and CTO of Seattle based Sky Science and Technology, white hat hacker. In his nearly 15 years of career, Li Song is committed to the study of large-scale software and internet systems, including compilers, virtual machines, global-scale web services




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